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2’s Everywhere Portal

02-02-2022 until 02-22-2022 and again at 11-02-2022 until 11-22-2022 We will have a grand portals for manifesting, healing….changing the world and our own meter square of the planet…..even throughout the universe. We have an amazing opportunity to anchor more Cosmic energy here on earth and create vast ripples with the Universe. Change, Shifting, Transformation, Metamorphosis of the world we have known, into the new energy we are beginning to embody.

Some welcome the new moon with rituals and cultivating new ideas for the coming 2 weeks. It is however an amazing time to always be creating new manifestations. If they are working to serve you keep them. If they are not after a trial period it is time to dis-create those old ideas and plant new seeds. Everything has a birth, growth and death, naturally. See how your ideas work, let them blossom. When it is time, let them die. Following their natural cycle. You have the power and inner strength to choose what is working and what is not.

And so it begins on the New Moon in February!

Trust your true self to shine through. Trust your inner wisdom. The more you try new things and practice the more opportunities you will have to remember all that your soul already know. Your inner wisdom will spring forth like the sun emerging from the clouds. Bringing the infinite streams of energy through you into the light of your consciousness.

Your pure intentions will send out ripples into the entire universe. When you take action from a place of love, harmony and purity, that peaceful place, you can transform yourself and those around you. The wisdom that emanates with grace and ease will vibrate out to your aura and touch everyone you meet. Truth, honesty and purity brings amazing transformation and metamorphosis of your soul and evolutionary path.

Humanity is waking up to The Golden Age. We are anchoring and embodying the energy that is needed to bring humanity forward. More and more people than ever before are getting in touch with the unseen world. Seeing through the illusion, distractions and distortions that have been and are being laid out before us. You are here reading this because there is a passion waking up inside you more and more everyday. Time to embrace these energies with grace and ease. Flow with the cycles and manifest the life you truly dream of. Give energy and attention to what you would like to create, the things that set your soul on fire.

Some tips for manifesting.

Photo by Angela Light February 2022


September Equinox 2022 (reading)

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