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2022 Looking Ahead Reading

Happy New Year! Begining year 5 of my blog! How exciting to see people from all over the world looking at, reading, and using the information.

Sharing my journey and perspective with others is a wonderful thing. I hope that there has been and will continue to be infinite healing, expansion and new opportunities.

Some of the things covered in this blog are ascension/desension, chakras, spiritual guides/energetic teams. Monads, Merkaba, Ray of Light Colors/healing rays. Personal energy clearing, inner child/shadow work, integration, meditation, awareness. Cord cutting, aura clarity. I’m not sure what will come through this year, but I am sure it will be exciting as always!

Statement of Intent 2022 “May I be empowered more and more throughout the year. May I integrate the incoming Cosmic energy with grace and ease. May I open more to the awareness of my infinite multidimensional nature. May I clear all my energy bodies of all that does not belong to me. May I be aware when I am bogged down with other people’s energy that is no longer necessary or not for my highest good. May I experience 2022 with grace, ease, love and empowerment for myself and those around me.”

*Energy Reading for 2022*

1. Love for yourself and others. This could be self care. This could mean more love not less for other people on their journey. Cleansing your energy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Cutting cords, cleansing your aura and chakras. It doesn’t need to be complicated, your intentions will get the job done. You can create an opening for letting go of what is ready to go. Going with the flow of your own rhythm, and opening up, making room to receive.

2. We have started a new year. Resolving old healing, beliefs, patterns, relationships, they may be coming to an end. To begin making room for the new seeds to be planted. Be honest with yourself and others. Clear away any illusions or veils you may be experiencing. It is time to see the endings that are happening in your life.

3. Gratitude for all your experiences past and future. They have all made you who you are today and will shape future versions of YOU. You wouldn’t be the person you are without them. Let go of past beliefs and make room for new people, like minded people to begin to enter your life. Our radiant future selves are looking at us and encouraging us to attract new energy in all areas of life.

4. Open up to the idea of your own uniqueness. We are all same, we simply have different challenges and experiences. However, what makes us all different is how we see, interpret and present our perspective of our little peice of the puzzle. The puzzle of life can be expressed in infinite ways. We all have the ability to show the world or our corner of the world who we truly are, what skills, talents or gifts we have. Be YOU, you never know who might love you for who you actually are.

5. Intuition. Always trust how you feel. When your energy is clear of other people’s energy, then you can truly understand your own feelings. You live in a world of duality. Every person has their own perspective, shaped by their experiences. That may not be your perspective, and that is ok. You can always be open it the infinite possibilities and infinite interpretation of life and knowledge. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Listen to your own feelings. Your intuition or internal GPS will never steer you wrong. Be open to personal changes in your interpretation as well. You are meant to expand your vision.

6. Our failures or mistakes are how we learn. Mistakes allow us to navigate who we would like to be or become. You will always have the choice. The chance to choose again. Set backs are an opportunity to choose again, to evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Be kind to yourself and others. We are all doing the best we can with what we have to work with. If nothing else, be kind.

7. Do what you love is not enough. Do what makes you excited! Give your energy to what brings you peace, helps others and you will never work another day in your life. What is it that makes you smile? It’s OK to be happy to see others doing well and thriving. You can as well. We all feel great when we can help others. Sit in your heart space for a while. Ask yourself what truly makes you jump for joy, what is your nectar of life? Your soul is infinite, you have had many experiences over all of your incarnations on this planet and others, possibly even other universes. You are that old. Feel the energy of what makes you, you. Sit in your heart and ask the questions that come to you.

8. Ancestral and Family healing, cellular memory, DNA upgrades. All patterns stop with you. You have the power to change your story. To shift the energy of your entire family lineage from the past and future. Your soul is awakening to possibilities of changing the reality you experience and bringing that awakening into your consciousness. It’s not sitting in the subconscious any longer. You are bringing forward the information you need to change your reality. You will find the people you need to support you along your journey. Trust that when you search, you will find exactly what you need, at exactly the right moments.

9. Reflecting on your thoughts, speech and actions will bring you a huge amout of success in finding awareness. A dash of honesty, a touch of compassion for yourself and you will be on your way to shaping and shifting your reality in a grounded and embodied way. With grace and ease you will find your way. You cannot help others until you have helped yourself. Reflect, bring awareness to yourself. You cannot serve from an empty cup. Self care is not selfish, it is required.

10. Electric power illuminates the shadows. So too does the simple acknowledgment of what you feel and have felt in the past. Seeing your shadow, acknowledge the shadow energy/emotion or feeling is the first step to bringing the darkness to the light of consciousness. Seeing and acknowledgment will help you replace fear and unawareness with the consciousness and illumination to help you move forward. Denial of the possibility of the feeling will only perpetuate the energy of what you are experiencing.

11. Surrender is not about giving up! Surrender is about letting go of control to the things you cannot change. Open your heart chakra wider. Open up to the possibility that gentleness with yourself and others is an amazing way to experience. We don’t always have to learn things the hard way. Which is how we have been taught. “Let them do it, they will learn.” That statement has a powerful harshness to it. Which is definitely not grace and ease. Surrender to allowing life, and lessons to happen in a gentle way. Life doesn’t need to be hard. Our mind often complicates things to make them difficult. Let life happen with simplicity.

12. A constant victim mentality is an energy vampire, a narcissist is an energy vampire. A two year old screaming for attention is an energy vampire. A screaming yelling person is an energy vampire. Anyone who is looking for attention can be an energy vampire. You have the choice whether to engage with that energy or not. Don’t get me wrong, a response is required, but a reaction is what they are looking for. Breathe in the heat of the moment. Ask for clarity, respond. You have that power. Discernment is needed. They have always gotten what they needed from their behavior and will continue to look for that energy, a match to their current frequency. You have a choice….will you give it to them and be drained, feeding into their drama, or will you hold your own energy with compassion, kindness and without judgment? Self mastery is a process. Mastering mental and Emotional energy is one of our biggest challenges. Do your best to bring new awareness to your being.

Hope this list is helpful and there is something for everyone regardless of where you are on your journey.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

I love to share my downloads and channeled information. It is always exciting to see the information that comes through. Sometimes it’s just as big of a surprise to me! I am grateful to all who have come and read these articles and share them with others who may benefit from the content as well. Blessings for the new year to everyone!

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