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Shifting Your Journey

As the journey shifts, so too does our perspective. πŸ’œ Our current name is all that matters. Here is a statement to help to reconnect with your name, if you choose or guided.”I*__name___* place myself*___name___* into a Full Court of Atonement. I bring in each and every level of my consciousness, Source and my energetic team.I ask to search my timelines for any and all situations where someone called my name, said my name, any part of my name with distress, upset, despair, disdain or any and all similar frequencies. I ask to resolve all those non beneficial, detrimental, negative or malicious energies, frequencies and all their reasons to be, as well as any and all associations we have made since, stemming, resulting from these happenings at their points of origin. I bring in each and every one connected to these happenings, I ask for Soul and Spirit Recognition for all, I ask that all our timelines be analyzed, resolve any and all conflicts within and/or between us at their points of origin. I ask for positive resolution for all concerned. I ask to purge my name with pure divine love, pure divine  light. I ask to clear and bless, purify and sanctify my name. I am *____name___*and the only *____name___*!”


Β© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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