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Winter Solstice

Winter solstice 2021 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 8:58 am Mountain Time on
December 21

“The Solstice gateway brings in fresh Spiritual Energies to attune and align with. It also perhaps evokes a sense of completion of one increment in a Solar cycle and the readiness to embark on a new one (New Year).”

We will also be experiencing a full moon on December 18, 2021 at 21:37 mountain time within the Solstice energy.

Traditionally a full moon is considered an amazing time to clear energy especially emotional. Clearing energy from your human experiences, trauma from birth or family lineages, inner child healing, physical, mental, emotional, etc. The possibilities of energetic clearing are unknowable and unlimited really. 3 days prior to a full moon and 3 days after are the generally agreed upon time people experience the emotional energetic pull from the moon. This full moon energy has always been a great time to make a list, do a small ceremony( if you would like) and say goodbye to the energy you are ready to let go of from people, places, situations, and things that no longer resonate (for your highest good) with you.

It is exciting to realize that the Winter Solstice is traditionally thought of as a time for birthing new ideas, preparing for another chapter in life. We have an amazing opportunity to clear out the old, and create the new all within the same time period of a week.

This may be quite a time of energetic turbulence. The holidays, family, gift giving, old energy that doesn’t resonate with the newer more woke or conscious self. It may be quite disturbing that what once excited you is no longer of interest. This can be for anyone newly on their path, or someone who has been doing this spiritual work for a long time. The superficial (holiday), commercial aspects of it all. It’s overwhelming. It may be time for a new perspective about what Christmas means to you.

Some energy that is currently clearing for the collective or in your life at different levels.

1. Relationships – If someone has crossed your path you are a soul mate with them. They are there in your life for a reason. Those reasons could be lessons or blessings. Even if you cannot see them right now. These could be family, friends, partners, business relationships, co-workers. Every interaction we have is a different level of relationship. From the stranger you open a door for or smile at, to a husband or wife. All of these relationships have a different level of intimacy attached to them. Intimacy doesn’t have to be sexual. Intimacy can be the level of openness, honesty and rawness we can have with a person. No mask, simply being our true self.

2. Worry – Easy enough for anyone to say “Don’t worry”. Worry is thinking about something that may or may not happen. A misuse of imagination and your manifesting skills, if you ask me. We (if you are reading this you too) are here on this planet for more than simply being sad, lonely, depressed or worried. Living through distractions what cause us anxiety and pull us away from the goal of creating a better world for ourselves, children and humanity. Every sentient being contains the energy of the universe, use it to be the creator of your reality, or learn how. Cause worry and anxiety is not what that energy is for.

3. Death – The death of the old self, old ways, old patterns, old habits are some of the hardest things to let go of. And even if we do let our old energy die, we still don’t celebrate who we used to be and embrace the new infinite possibilities that are opening for us. We are creature of habit and we don’t really, fully embrace change. Change is one of the only things that is inevitable. We can either fight change every step of the way or we can flow with grace and ease through change. When we stop struggling, we definitely float. We cannot create or manifest new possibilities for our life when we are hanging on to the old for dear life. Who knows what life will look like if you embrace the changes and find some optimism for what the future could look like. It may not always be sunshine and unicorns but a steady working toward new possibilities in a positive way one step at a time, trust me you will get there. Death is a grand opportunity to create something new and better, whatever that may be.

4. Envy – When it comes right down to it, we are all the same. Each and every human would like to be happy or even better would be at peace with their life. We all have different challenges at different times in our lives. Some learn, heal and grow from those challenges and some do not. Will you? Some people take their life and create something wonderful, some settle and some ride the waves being bounced around. We all have our own individual path during this life. We cannot judge another for what they choose to do with it, where they are in their journey, what their choices are. We can only stay in our lane and do our thing, our way. It is definitely easier if you are your own best friend. Making friends with your heart, your mind your ego. How you speak to yourself is something someone else will never know. You may be kind to others but what is happening in your own head. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. What I am talking about is self care and self love. It matters what is happening inside, not just what you show the world.

Please take a look, ask yourself truthfully and honestly which of these are coming up for you, and what can you do about it. Sometimes a simple acknowledgment of issues will help dissolve issues. Sitting with it, is the process of being honest whether you have any of these coming up for you. And awareness is the ability to see when and how they are affecting your choices. Be kind to yourself, you are unraveling a lifetime of crap that has been collected up. Find someone who has room to listen if you need to. Sometimes just hearing yourself makes you realize it doesn’t sound right. You can write it out either on paper or in a file on the computer seeing what you are thinking can be a wonderful breakthrough.

Time to clear out the old and make room for the new. This is an amazing and magical time of year to make it happen. It may be small or it may be a big impact on your life. But, you have the power to change your current experience with some awareness. Keep in mind new beginnings often come from powerful endings. Even, empowering endings to old energy.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

Energetic Art by Jenn Moreau

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