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The Bell Shaped Curve

Society and some insight into the choices. I decided to write this after watching the video below. Some statements come from the video and some is my own insight after watching the video.

30% 40% 30%

30% are the sleepers. Not aware of the narrative that is playing out on the global stage. Doing what they are told. Completely controlled by the fear that is being perpetually pumped into this collective. Following what they are being told. Shame, guilt, greed may be some motivation behind some in this group.

There is no distinguishing characteristics of the “type” of people in each of the 3 groups. Arguably, it is the level of consciousness that separates each group.

Cognitive Dissonance – The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes.

This seems to me what is being experienced by the 40% talked about in the below video. They don’t necessarily agree completely with the narrative, but they are going along with it.

I have talked to many who have immediately regreted their decision to follow along with the program. Everyone has their own reason(s) for the choices they are making. This would also be the group of people who will be open to listening, and joining with the following 30%. If they can break free from the fear that still holds them, take off the mask, make choices that aren’t neutral any longer.

Dare I say, the neutrality and fear of the 40% was what allowed Nazi Germany to happen.

A psychological perspective on the current global societal narrative.

The other 30% are definitely not interested in the narrative in the least. The wayshowers.

I find this interesting. The breakdown he gave in the video made me think of the Bell Shaped Curve. A monk friend of mine talked about this curve many years ago and how it is the 30% tipping point to shift to the new earth consciousness. I heard a September update from Lee Harris, he talks about 30%. I also heard a clip of Biden talking about how they will start a global group like the UN, and the goal is to have 70% of the world population V@××ed. I smiled when I heard that….the 30% will change the world, shift the collective as long as they keep speaking up and opposing the tyranny. (Supported by this video above) I feel optimistic that this will play out just as stated by the interview. It may take some time, but it will happen.

The 30% plus will lead the world to change and maybe even sovereignty.


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2 thoughts on “The Bell Shaped Curve”

  1. A very inspiring article and makes total sense to me. It is already what I knew (not realizing that I did) until I read this article. Thank you for sharing and confirming. Blessings to all!!

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