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9/9 Portal Energy

There has been certainly an acceleration and intensity to the energy we are experiencing. With some increased solar/electromagnetic energy, the Lion’s Gate and intense full moon every as well as the increase of lightning on the planet causing fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance Energy. We have a new moon coming up on September 6th which is leading us toward the 9/9 Energetic Portal. Every year we see a huge intensification of energy for the final few months of the year. Powerful double digit gateways, also the fall Equinox and winter Solstice.

I have seen a personal purge of over the last 24 hours. I have been hearing many people talking about strong collective energy that has made them feel disrupted or out of balance with their “normal” state.

Upcoming energy for the Gateway/Portal on September 9th will look very different for everyone. With an honest look at the feelings and a bit of a personal deep dive this is the underlying energies we will find.

9/9 Portal/Gateway

These Gateways the come up in the later part of the year are an opening of portals to expand consciousness and give access to this expansion for each individual based on their particular experience. A chance to up the personal evolution as well as the collective.

Forgiveness helps to release any energy that is no longer serving you. Any resentment is harming the physical body more than what any person or situation caused. It will also create blocks in the flow of energy causing pain or disease. Usually trapped emotions are the cause of more physical ailments.

With the new moon happening on September 6th, it is a great time to open more to your physical body allowing new experiences that are guided by your soul. When you listen to your physical needs of food or rest, you are honoring your natural flow. Whether it is time for doing or time for being, ebb or flow. When we take the time to honor this subtle flow it empowers us to create more happiness and joy. Even if it is only for brief moments. That is the freedom of flow.

Nature has the power to transform, transmute, and transition energy. Being grounded on this planet, living in our body is the only way to come through this intense energy. Be responsible, be honest, be clear about your own personal energy. Honor what feelings arise by seeing them, sitting with them, feeling them, this is how to move through them. No judgment, observation.

Emotional Reiki Collective energy that was revealed as a few things coming up over the next 2 weeks.

Hopelessness – Looking around at the current state of humanity I can see the hopelessness that has taken hold for many. Feeling the burden of the most dense energy bring experienced by the planet. What people post and even in my own family.

Taken For Granted – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This also applies to what you allow yourself to experience when it comes to feelings. Time, love and abundance are unlimited. Depending on how life is perceived makes all the difference.

Unsupported – This is a big one. I know many in the spiritual community have or still do feel like outsiders in their family, school, or community. The black sheep. I feel this is a huge reason why finding our soul tribe or like minded individuals is so terribly important. We have learned to be loners, but that will only take one so far. We are social creatures. You will find people who love and support you, for you. Your uniqueness is your superpower. You are not alone.

Worry – The state of humanity! Need I say more. Look around, take your head out of the sand. Really look, see what is going on globally. It is sad, stressful, depressing even. Our sense of reality is out of alignment on many levels. Begin with you, that is the one thing that you have control of. Thought, speech and action.

Uncertain – The only thing that is certain is change. Nothing will stay the same, nothing rests, everything moves. Nothing remains the same, life is constantly in motion. Evolving, through birth, growth and death only to begin again. Including people, situations, emotions, relationships, jobs, living arrangements, politics, wars, stars, planets. Allow natural cycles to run their course. That is how life flows.

Our hearts are being overwhelmed by some heavy, dense feelings that would like to be seen. Humanity has some shadow work to do before we can move through this. I feel that many are correct in their assertion that this intensity may not begin to lift until mid 2023 for most souls. Hang on, or really….LET GO! (*or be dragged*) This to shall pass.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

This link below is a collective and personal energy clearing.

On September 14th I was guided to look for Lee’s energy update.

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