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8-8 Lion’s Gate 2021

As we move closer to the Lion’s Gate on August 8, which has already begun to open up, we see increasing levels of intensity individually, for society and the collective. We are seeing more and more chaos and peace. Depending on individual awareness. Globally we are seeing a greater awakening for some, a shift in the number of people shutting down mentally and emotionally, people unfolding more of their personal magnificence, more truth, but also more resistance to what’s being seen. There is a definite polarity that is happening. It’s definitely a bell shaped curve. The back end is moving one way, the front end of the curve is moving the other, and in the middle most people are confused and not sure what is real, where society and where they themselves are going. Not sure what to do, in somewhat of a tailspin.

The lion’s gate portal occurs when the Earth and the Sirius star system are aligned,” “Sirius’ alignment with Earth [also] coincides with the Orion constellation aligning perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza, creating a trinity of alignments which open the lion’s gate portal.”Laura Brown

This is a great time to focus your energy on being open to receiving new insight. Open your own personal experience to a larger view of the world, society and your place within this vast universe. Often we are so bogged down with our own little bubble we don’t take time to look up, or outside of this bubble. Imagine if all you ever saw was the inside of your room. Which we have all see a lot of in the last year and a half. Imagine if you were allowed to see a bigger picture like the whole house, that would be an amazing discovery if all you ever knew was your room. Then you were able to not only see your room and the house, but the yard outside the house. Then after that you discovered your neighborhood block. I am talking about expansion, expansion of your vision, your world and the possibilities that could create if you had never looked outside of your room before. It would seem like an infinite world. Be open to experiencing new and larger bubbles and discovering unlimited views of what you can currently see. Look up and out from the tunnel vision you may be stuck in.

It is time to discover like minded individuals to build a community with. A community online or in person. You may find that there are angels all around who can assist you if you are struggling. A person or people to support you in unimaginable was, if you ask, and if you are willing to reach out of your little bubble. We are not always able to do it alone. If fact, we are social animals. Sometimes, on this spiritual journey we travel alone on this cosmic adventure. Sometimes, it is necessary to be a lone wolf. We also need to be willing and open to find a network to support us.

I recommend taking time to listen to not only the noise we hear, but also the sweet silence. The spaces in between are where we can hear that deep inner voice the guides us. The bigger that silence, the longer the gap between thoughts and sounds is a wonderful place to discover the signposts that bring us through difficult times. The simplicity of life. Stopping to smell a flower, watch a bird fly over head, hear the water return to the ocean, gurgling over the rocks. The sunset, they all bring a small bit of joy into life in the middle of chaos. A marriage of silence and noise, chaos and peace, the Yin and Yang of living.

For some this Lion’s Gate time can be a beautiful time to celebrate success, inspire yourself and others. Things you are working towards may just be successful. A time to discover your own radiance, and be able to breathe a bit more as you look towards a new part of your journey. An expanded, more observant you. as you begin to flow more gracefully through your human and spiritual adventure.

Some may also experience more vividly the control and manipulation. A rigid view of life, society and personally. Depending if there is fear influencing you. This is something to check in with yourself on. If you find you are clenching your muscles, becoming tense or angry, see what is causing the fear responses. Checking in may bring you some new insight into your behavior. Some new awareness and some clarity about how you are fighting against yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Each moment you can choose to be better than you were. Babysteps will keep you moving forward. It’s OK to go backwards sometimes, only you need to realize…you aren’t going that way. Don’t forget to breathe.

Like I mentioned, take note of the small things. You are here on a journey. There is no destination, only to enjoy the dance. Play the music, step out and discover your soul tribe, establish a community, even one person you can make a difference. Find your own personal ebb and flow with grace and ease.

Happy Lion’s Gate. Enjoy the journey.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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