Life is not a Competition

Unless you plan to compete to be a better person than you were yesterday.

There is always more room for growth.

I made a list of things I have accomplished. To show what I have done. To show me the hard work and effort I have put in. The list shows me things I have to be grateful for, things I can celebrate. Courses I have taken, skills I have worked to achieve. Things I have created.

We often don’t give ourselves the honor, respect, value that we truly deserve. I have never made a list before. Usually when people ask me, I say lots of stuff.

We are all so conditioned to be humble, almost to the point of invisibility. Ego is shunned, something to be killed and not embraced in a healthy manner. We all know ego, but what we dont know is NO EGO is lack of self esteem and even no self esteem is unhealthy. Healthy ego keeps us alive and safe. Safe…safe from death, but also safe from vulnerability, safe from reasonable possibilities outside of what we have done in the past. Ego keeping us safe is not always for our highest good and growth, safe keeps us in our comfort zone, safe….

Back to the list. As I look at my list, I struggle to see the practical application of these things in my day to day life. (This is my work, I may see it, and know it mentally, but feeling it deep inside is something totally different) Yes they are achievements, I have the certificate…I know I am using bits and pieces of knowledge I have gained from these courses, workshops, books, lectures. I know that using the knowledge is what will turn it into wisdom. I know that I FEEL very different from when I began my journey. I am beginning to own my skills and talents. However unsure I am of how it all fits together to assist me to create the life I choose to have. Unused wisdom is useless, that is why I write.

Write out a list, maybe start with 10 things. The size of the accomplishment does not matter. Seeing the list on paper makes a difference, compared to making a mental list. Show yourself how awesome you are. Show yourself what you have to offer the world. Show yourself your own value. Own it! Give yourself credit for what you have achieved. Let yourself FEEL how good it is to honor yourself. I have had such a new outlook since I made my list.

You know, another quote I always see goes something like this….It doesn’t matter what other people think, their ideas about you are none of your business. Put another way is what people say is more about them, than it is about you. Yet another way to say the same thing is, you are a mirror to them…they are seeing something they desperately need in their life, and their perceptions, beliefs and learned behaviors may be preventing them from embracing it. Everyone is on their own journey. You cannot force a person to understand something they are not ready to accept. Not even me.

Life with Grace and Ease

Jenn Moreau