Energy for the Spring Equinox 2019

We are beginning to see definite separations between 3D, 4D and 5D. We are noticing how friends and family do not seem to fit into our lives the way they used to. This causes many to feel loneliness and separation. Know that you are never alone. Know that like minded individuals and groups can be found if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to find them. As well as the unseen world of guides and ancestors.

Judgement of ourselves and others. It has always been prominent in our society. We are bombarded with comparison. Each of us is unique and has specific talents and skills we have brought to earth over eons and we are here to remember them and use them to assist humanity in this great time of change.

Again the Nordic traditions are coming into our visuals, healing these lifetimes is drawing awareness. India provides a vast amount of spiritual knowledge and practices. The Lemurian energy is also very strong as well as our connections to Mt. Shasta and Telos.

Dragon energy has seen a renewed interest and it is a masculine energy. As we see the masculine energy is rising to greet our feminine energy with full force. Masculine energy is giving, feminine receiving.

Helios is the Father of the Solar System and of the Gold Ray also associated with the sun, his twin flame Vesta is the Mother of Eternal Cycles and she is of the Pink Ray. Combined Helios and Vesta embody everything that has to do with The Age of Aquarius. Our emotional body, expanding the heart chakra and clearing all chakras major and minor as well as the front and back openings of our chakras. The Gold light provided by our sun, the fire and all that surrounds it. Sungazing, cleansing, clearing and purification.

Peace is a vibration. It is a vibration that is deep within, much more that the superficial happiness we all have been conned into looking for. As we look at our personal cycles, we find what is keeping us from merging with our self at the deepest levels. Find your peace, keep awareness close at hand and work so that nothing will drag you out of that space. Balanced, whole, complete.

I will send a note of caution to state clearly that you only wish to connected with guides who are of true light. State you do not wish to speak with any entity that does not have your highest good in mind. This will assist along with trust that your will has been granted. Only allow the purest of hearts to guide your journey from the spirit world. Distraction is also prominent. We do this to ourselves to avoid uncomfortable situations, but know that the discomfort is were the growth happens.

Starseeds there are many star races who are available to assist humanity one of them is the Pleiadians and the Aurigans who are directly connected to the Pleidians.

Solfeggio Tones are an excellent way to facilitate healing the different Hz will work with different areas of the energetic system you choose to work with.

Grounding is essential to being in your body and on the planet. When you are floating off in the cosmos you are not assisting humanity, Gaia or yourself. Connect mentally to the core of the earth from your heart and also create a circuit to the highest available Source energy to you. Imagine a circuit running through your heart down to earth and up to Source and back again in a continuous loop.

Jenn Moreau

Much Love and Many Blessing


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