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Collective Consciousness and Self Clearing

Over the past few weeks I haven’t been feeling like myself. I have started a new clearing when I wake up. I have been clearing the energy from myself that belongs to the collective consciousness. I also clear the collective consciousness of energy that is no longer for the highest soul evolution of all sentient beings.

Here is what I have been saying. You can make it your own, it doesn’t need to be the same. What ever feels right to you. The intention of releasing yourself from the energy of the collective and also clearing all energy that is no longer necessary for the collective are the intentions I have set. These intentions work for me. When I say please, and thank you I am asking my higher self, or oversoul, my soul self. However you think of it is ok, be it angels or ascended masters, God, Source, Creator, Higher Power.

Please clear all energy from my energetic system that is from the collective consciousness. Restore my energy to its natural state. As it is done, I ask that the energy that was removed from me, be replaced by the purest energy available to me. Thank you

Please clear all energy from the collective consciousness that is detrimental to the highest evolution and soul development of all beings on the planet. Please replace the energy removed with the purest energy available to each soul. Thank you.

Like I said, do what feels right to you. There is no harm in releasing yourself and others from energy and resetting your energy for the highest good of all. Self first. Finding what works for you and taking bits and pieces from what others do is ok as well.

Be responsible for your own energy. The first step towards self empowerment. You are not a victim of circumstances you are ultimately the creator of your reality.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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