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Clearing, Healing, Integration

We are all doing our very best from the level of consciousness we are at. We are all perfectly perfect in our imperfection. I would like to share this clearing and healing grid that I made. Feel the energy, allow the grid to assist you with any difficult situations. What comes up, feel it. Cry if you must. Tired, then sleep. Hungry, time to eat. Allow your body, mind, emotuons and soul the things they need right now in every moment. At present the collective consciousness is quite heavy as we are shedding energies that have been weighing humanity down for generations.

Grounding is very important in this new energy. Make a cord from your heart the goes to the crystalline core of the earth, and also another cord reaching to the highest level of spirit you are able to receive. Imagine these cords with a two-way energy flow to ensure the energy keeps moving.

I have written an energy clearing to help along the way.

Always clear any energy first that is not for the highest good for the highest good before replacing or sending healing energy. If you or a client is in distress, there no room to accept the energy being sent to them. Always be sure to find out if you or who you are working with would like the healing energy, it works much better with permission. If not, stating for the highest good, is a little way to work with their higher self to send the clearing and energetic support. Trust the guidance and feelings you receive. Not everyone is the same.

(You are asking a higher aspect of yourself, angels, guides of pure intention or Source)
**Please clear my physical, mental, emotional and physical energetic systems of all detrimental, malicious or negative energy that is not for my souls highest evolution. I ask that all ancestral and family karma and cycles that no longer serve my highest evolution be cleared to assist me to expand my heart energy and awareness. I cleanse and remove all energy that does not belong to me. I ask that these energies that were removed be replaced by the highest true light available to me in this now moment. I integrate all aspects of myself into one unified field. I am a sovereign being of the Universe. Thank you.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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