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Is today the day?

Personally I have been having heart palpitations at least once a day. The energy coming in to the planet is intense. Seriously dragging up things that need to be looked at and healed.

On the weekend, I totally lost it with a customer. Which never happens. I am usually quite able to manage and see the emotions and thoughts before they take over my physical body and I lose my awareness. I have been using this job to practice awareness. Lately, I have been saying that anger is the bodyguard of sadness. Easier said than done, maybe. I have come to realize during these intense energies that I am seriously in need of a change.

I would say that I am not allowing myself to trust the universe enough to jump, again. I am sad that what l love to do and what I am doing are not in alignment. I am sad that I am not always living in my happy place. I am sad that I have written a course on all types of energy, that I have written an energy healing course and they sit in a pile on my floor. I am sad that my pendulum charts with valuable soul development information are not being used. I am sad that my life is not in alignment with my soul purpose.

I teach people that the universe is waiting for each of us to step into our own unique talents and present them to the world. The people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer will find you. And there sits my unique offerings to the searching spiritual community on the floor. I guess it is time for me to start listening to my own advice….All of us, really. This event we have been hearing about is very personal. We all will experience it different. And if we are truly intune with the Universe, we will start listening.

As a teen, I had always said I will write a book one day. I was always asked what it would be about, and I never new the answer to that question. I would say, I don’t know. I guess I will know when it is time.

I am feeling this energy is really asking me personally to be vulnerable and to trust the universe that it has my back. It really is asking me to surrender my self doubt and really be my authentic true self. Be who I came here to be. Surrender. Trust. And really be vulnerable….cause the people that are my people will come. They will come cause, they see my light and what I have to offer in my own unique way is what they are looking for.

Is today the day?

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

6 thoughts on “Is today the day?”

  1. The persons who make you really angry are really tough but can be invaluable teachers. I suspect you might be far enough along your path to see this. Who is the I that is upset? What with in you is reacting? What thoughts and feelings arise? What are you feeding with your anger energy and what happens when it is no longer fed. If you are ready, hang on to those who make you angry until they no longer affect you. Only when they have no more effect, let them go. You will recognize the same beast is holding you back from your true potential.


  2. Thank you for your personal frankness about the struggle to Be. That is part of everyones path.Seeing the struggle is half the struggle. Seeing the ‘Seeing’ that sees the struggle is next. Knowing deeply that you Are the ‘Seeing’ follows. Beingness is the effortless ‘Seeing’. You Are already ‘That’ Now. Rest there. Daddy’O

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