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From the Heart

What I feel. I feel that during this cosmic out breath during this cycle, during this Age of Aquarius things will change. The last Golden Age was during the time of Atlantis. Here I would like to mention researching The Galactic Shift of the Ages. As far as I can tell, before the continent sank, it was a utopian society that many of us remember before the fall. There was cooperation rather than competition. Living in harmony with all kingdoms on the planet. Communal living. Society at that time was able to spend more time doing all the things they loved and did them together. I would like to experience just a little of this before I leave.

What I see is that yes, many souls are leaving the planet. The ascension of earth into the 5th dimension or Solar Consciousness or Christ Consciousness even Solar Christ Consciousness is in the transition phase. I am feeling that souls who are not willing to move into a more heart centered existence and see things in a more for the good of one and all then they are not really raising their vibration. They are not coming up to meet the new vibration of the planet. My question I keep asking myself is how are the souls not willing to transition to the vibration of love and unity going to survive on a planet of 5th dimensional energy?

I get asked quite often what is my purpose. The answer I give people is you are here to anchor energy. As above, so below. We are here fulfill the statement “on earth, as it is in heaven.” How does one do that? By clearing your vessel, clearing your physical form, clearing all the energy from your body that you have collected up from being on this dense 3rd dimensional planet. The moon will help you clear energy just as will ancient teaching, or new spiritual teachings as well. Any of them will do. They all have the seed of consciousness behind them if you choose to look deep enough. I used to say when I was a teenager that it doesn’t matter how you get there just as long as you do. I was talking about all religions but I had no idea the depth of that statement till a few years ago. We are here to bring heaven to earth, like Atlantis. At least, Atlantis was close. This is why we are doing all this personal work. To become an anchor for the incoming energy.

What incoming energy you ask, the blasts we are receiving from the sun on an almost regular basis. Really anything and everything that is bringing in energy from a universal level. All planets going into retrograde, all forms of planetary events, the shifting electromagnetic fields of people and the earth. We are here on this planet to anchor this energy at what ever level you are able to process it from the cosmos.

Grounding yourself firmly into the core of the earth and connecting to the consciousness from Source will ensure you are an amazing anchor for this energy. Grounding and connecting from the heart is very beneficial in the new heart centered vibration we are going through. The higher a tree wants to grow the deeper it’s root need to penetrate. Same goes for us. I have really seen the benefits of keeping oneself grounded and connected securely. If we are here to anchor energy then we need to be in our body. How can our soul be processing the incoming energy and releasing it through the heart to assist humanity with their evolution, if the soul is constantly floating off in the cosmos?

I am not going to deny that feeling part of that oneness out in the cosmos isn’t completely amazing but again, it’s not what we are here to do. I do love meditating and feeling that complete bliss and connected to something larger, I do. I had gone to devotional singing at the Sai Baba center a few years ago. The first time I went about half way through I could feel my soul lifting out of my body and as amazing as that was I quickly said to myself that is….I didn’t think yelling out loud for my soul to get back into my body was a good thing. I said oh no you get back here while I was holding my heart, you need to be in this body if we are here to anchor energy. It came back and I continued to feel the music for the remainder of the hour and was able to stay in that meditative state. It was an awesome experience. I attended several more evenings over the course of 5 months always enjoying the singing but only the first time did I have that intense experience.

I am not entirely sure there is more than one physical earth. I believe there must be many other 3rd dimensional planets working their way through evolution as well. If earth is on the threshold of moving into the 5th then I am not sure how 3rd dimensional souls will be able to survive here. I guess only time will tell. I am sure there is a place souls will go when they leave and they will do a life review and heal so they are able to move into their next incarnation, if that is what they are doing along their specific journey. Some souls are more advanced than others and will have more choices I believe. There are so many souls that are here on the planet and they all have their own plan of why they are here, but I do feel that it is part of the greater plan of evolution of the soul, the intelligent consciousness all sentient beings share.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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