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Bring It On

Even as an adult, going against the grain is my modus operandi! If you tell me not to do something…….yes, that is exactly what I am going to do. I have always lived in opposite world. LOL You are better off to say nothing at all, cause guaranteed when I figure it out I will do it. One of my favorite things to say was you need to know the rules if you intend on breaking them.

When I first began actively seeking on the spiritual path I came across a few people who had said oh don’t ever ask the universe to bring on the learning. Now, I listened to this for a while then I said to myself, what the worst that can happen? “Bring it on universe, I got this, I am ready to learn.”

I certainly have gotten all that I asked for. It almost felt like I was on a fast track. Lessons and learning came a few times a day then multiple times a day, now every interaction I learn something. The resources come at exactly the time I need them, the people to guide me to what I am looking for, the downloads I get from the universe a few days before are for conversations I will have with people later that day or within a few days of finding the information.

Taking your evolution into your own hands….in a way, but you are also surrendering to your greatest and highest good at the same time. You are also connecting to the law of Soul Evolution, raising your vibration, bringing life into our awareness will help with the law of Reflection. Learning will also activate the law of Wisdom. I love learning about the different Universal Laws and practical uses of them.

There is also more ways than one to say bring it on. I found early in my journey it speeds up the lessons and the growth. Later on I found that you can say bring it on, but until you show that you are working towards that evolutionary step you will just kind of stagnate. It’s like deciding to jump off the cliff, which I have done a few times so far, and I am pretty sure I will a few more times. Trusting the universe to be there to catch you, but saying throw me in coach at the same time.

I have a few friends that have done this as well. They said they were ready to jump, or said bring it on and the universe showed up and answered their call. Just as we are often doing, answering the call of the universe to grow and change and learn. They both used the knowledge and the resources that they had discovered and boom, life completely changed. I must say here that expecting a certain outcome may definitely be a shock to the system. Remember, what you want may not be for the highest good of one and all. This is one of the things we forget. I will often go about releasing things and end up saying damn! Ah, man can I take it back. Nope.

Way down at the core of our being the things that are for the greatest good of the one and all. It may not always feel the best at the time but doing it takes courage, and trust, faith, grace and ease and some gratitude. Bring it on has been an amazing growth tool for me, I hope it does the same for you as well.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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