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Being Who You Came Here To Be

We are all wandering around finding out how other people are doing things, to find out what fits and what is successful. I know I spent years learning energy healing, learning to read cards, learning about crystals, and sound healing, making jewelry and the list can go on and on. I found out what others were doing in their spiritual businesses. I often thought if they can do it so can I. Little did I realize that doors would keep closing just when I thought I found the “right” thing.

I have met some unique people as I was searching for


where I fit in. A man who has created a unique tarot deck of 144 cards, a lady who makes crystal jewelry and infuses it with love, another who uses a pendulum to discover what kind of outside energy is affecting people, another who empowered me a few years ago with her amazing intuitive readings, another that makes crystalline sacred geometry energy tools. I must say here, I have also met some people who are using traditional techniques…some amazing and some very good at their specific skill set.

Still, I was looking. I decided after receiving a pendulum as a gift I would give it a shot. I made some charts with information that was interesting to me and see what I could do with that. Building the charts using quite a few of my own favorite resources. I have read and studied about ascension and ascended masters and Archangels also some past life or as it’s now called on my charts areas of the world. Some about soul origins, and learning and growth tools.

After using these charts a few times, I figured there must be people, other than me, who would be interested in these things. I had always thought that I don’t really have anything new to offer that is different from what I am reading from other people. I also came to realize that I was presenting this information in my own unique way. And that’s what it is all about.

You never know who is out there waiting for you to step into your own personal power. Waiting for the information you have in the way that you can present it.

We have all heard from the most prominent spiritual teachers and how they explain and present. We have all heard it, but have we taken it in and processed it and been able to use it in our own lives or is it still just words. How many times have you had a moment when something just clicks in your brain. You have heard the statement many times….it is what it is. It’s said many times over and over but actually completely feeling the statement and knowing….it is, I take the statement one step further, “It is what it is, cause it can’t be anything else.”

I am not completely sure how many people are awake, let alone the number who are stuck along their path somewhere. The amount that don’t have the support they need, the resources to find it…impossible to say. But what I do know is that the reason you came to earth is to present your own unique gifts to those who are ready to receive them. What you offer in the most authentic, fantastic,amazing way is what humanity is looking for. We are not everyone’s cup of tea and we are not meant to be. But who is out there waiting for you to be who you came here to be?


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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